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s3/e18 Foam Rolling, Fascia, & "Assisted Recovery" with Dr. Duane Scotti, DPT, PhD (@sparkhealthyrunner)

1. The Running Explained Podcast

Elisabeth Scott, a marathoner and coach, is here to answer all your running questions, whether you're a new runner or have been running for a long time. Get ready to gain insights and find answers to your burning questions about running.

2. Assisted Recovery Tools

Dr. Duane Scotti returns to discuss the effectiveness of assisted recovery tools such as foam rolling, flossing, and percussion massagers. He explains how these tools work, what they can and cannot do, and whether they can replace other forms of recovery. Stay tuned to find out if KT tape actually does anything.

3. Running Updates

Dr. Duane Scotti shares his running journey, including his recent marathon, recovery, and focus on base building for increased mileage and strength. He also discusses the importance of training and the unpredictability of race day.

4. Wine Glass and Chicago

Dr. Duane Scotti discusses his plans for upcoming fall marathons, including the Wine Glass and his future goal of running the Chicago Marathon.

5. How to Recover from a Marathon

Dr. Duane shares his experience of embracing marathon training, finding enjoyment in the process, and using a half marathon as a way to showcase his fitness after a challenging marathon. Elisabeth emphasizes the importance of sustainable and additive training cycles.

6. Enhancing Recovery

Enhancing Recovery:Elisabeth and Dr. Duane Scotti discuss the importance of recovery for runners and explore various tools and techniques that can aid in enhancing recovery and preventing injuries.
The Importance of Recovery:Dr. Duane Scotti emphasizes the significance of recovery in a runner's training journey. By optimizing the six key components of running, including recovery, runners can feel confident, avoid injuries, and achieve their goals. Recovery is not just a nice-to-do, but an essential part of training that can make or break a runner's progress.

7. Unlocking Mobility

Foam Rolling Benefits:Learn about the benefits of foam rolling and how it can improve mobility and prevent overuse injuries in runners.
Foam Roller Benefits:Dr. Duane explains the importance of using a foam roller before and after runs. He highlights how it aids in recovery by increasing blood flow and acts as a cool down. Additionally, he shares how using a foam roller before a run can stimulate the nervous system and activate muscles for better performance.
Foam Rolling Benefits:Dr. Duane Scotti and Elisabeth Scott discuss the benefits of foam rolling for runners, emphasizing its ability to increase blood flow to specific areas and alleviate muscle soreness. They highlight that while foam rolling is beneficial, it should not replace other important aspects of training such as strength training, warm-up, and nutrition. Prioritizing proper sleep and rest days are also crucial for optimal recovery.

8. Reasons to Strengthen Your Body

Dr. Duane emphasizes the importance of prioritizing strengthening to overcome common running injuries like IT band syndrome, runners knee, and Achilles tendinopathy. Stretching is also discussed as a potential recovery tool for individuals with limited mobility, but strengthening remains the key to staying injury-free as a runner.

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10. Runners: Do You Foam Roll?

Learn about common mistakes runners make when foam rolling and why it's important to avoid foam rolling injured areas. Dr. Duane shares insights on specific injuries like IT band syndrome and Achilles issues, explaining where to roll to release connective tissue and relieve pressure.

11. Fascia and Connective Tissue

Learn about the strength and properties of fascia and connective tissue in the body. Discover why stretching these tissues may not be possible and how stimulating the nervous system can lead to a feeling of looseness.

12. Percussion Massagers

Discover the responsible and appropriate way for runners to utilize percussion massagers and foam rollers. Dr. Duane explains how percussion massagers work to loosen tissues and improve muscle mobility, while also highlighting the benefits of foam rollers for covering larger areas. Elisabeth and Dr. Duane share their personal experiences with these tools and discuss their effectiveness in muscle recovery.

13. How to Stretch Your Hamstrings

Recovery and Strength:Elisabeth and Dr. Duane discuss the importance of understanding the difference between tightness and weakness in runners. They emphasize the need to focus on strength training as a key factor in improving performance and preventing injuries, rather than solely relying on recovery aids like percussion massagers and foam rollers.
Strengthening for Runners:Dr. Duane Scotti discusses the importance of activating and strengthening specific muscles for runners to improve form, increase efficiency, and run longer and faster. He dispels the misconception that runners need to stretch their hamstrings and highlights the role of strength in preventing injuries.
Debunking Hamstring Myths:Dr. Duane Scotti and Elisabeth Scott discuss the common misconception of hamstring tightness causing pain in runners. They emphasize the importance of strength and stability for runners, debunking the idea that flexibility is the main factor.

14. Fascia Flossing and Sidekick Tool

Dr. Duane explains the techniques of fascia flossing and scraping, which aim to mobilize the fascia and improve blood flow. These techniques, derived from traditional Chinese medicine, involve active stretching in specific patterns to affect meridians and potentially benefit various bodily systems.

15. Exploring Soft Tissue Massage

Exploring Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Massage:Dr. Duane Scotti dives into the world of instrument assisted soft tissue massage, discussing its effectiveness and potential dangers. He shares his experience using these tools and highlights the misconceptions surrounding bruising. While marketed as a self-tool, he emphasizes the importance of caution and proper technique when using these instruments.
Exploring Targeted Muscle Techniques:Elisabeth and Dr. Duane discuss the effectiveness of different tools and techniques for targeting specific muscle areas. They highlight the importance of proper training and working with skilled clinicians for optimal results.
Recovery Tools Explored:Dr. Duane Scotti and Elisabeth Scott discuss various recovery tools for runners, including foam rollers, percussion massagers, and specialized techniques like flossing and scraping. They highlight the importance of finding user-friendly tools and incorporating massages into the recovery routine.

16. KT Tape

The KT Tape Controversy:Discover the history and controversy surrounding KT tape, from its popularity in professional sports to its ban by the NBA. Dr. Duane shares insights on the rise and fall of this once-trendy recovery tool, backed by high-quality research.
The Truth About Kinesio Tape:Dr. Duane explains the benefits and limitations of Kinesio tape. While it can provide temporary pain relief, it does not heal injuries or prevent future ones. Understanding its context and using it appropriately is key for runners and athletes.

17. Understanding Placebo Effect

Elisabeth and Dr. Duane discuss the placebo effect in relation to KT tape and compression socks. They explain that while these items may not have a direct physiological impact, they can still provide value through the placebo effect. They also share practical uses for KT tape, such as pre-taping hotspots and securing inserts in shoes.

18. The Ultimate Recovery Guide

Dr. Duane Scotti shares his free resource, the Ultimate Recovery Guide for running, which provides supplemental resources and instructional content to help runners stay healthy and injury-free. Learn about essential muscles to release, percussion guns, and other recovery modalities to fill your recovery bucket. Download the guide at learn Spark Healthy Runner and enjoy a lifelong, injury-free running journey.