How to take care of family?

Jordan Harbinger AI:

Taking care of family is a delicate balance that involves a few key principles:

  1. Establish Healthy Boundaries: As discussed with Gabriel Mizrahi, it's crucial to set boundaries around your space, finances, and time. This means being supportive without enabling, and being involved without becoming enmeshed. It's about loving and taking care of people without unfairly or unnecessarily taking on their burdens.

  2. Provide Guidance, Not Sacrifice: You're not responsible for your family's every need. Help can mean offering guidance, advice, and wisdom, but it doesn't mean sacrificing yourself because of familial bonds.

  3. Manage Guilt: It's natural to feel responsible for your family, but it's important to distinguish between responsibility and guilt. You shouldn't feel like a terrible person if you're not catering to your family's every need.

  4. Seek Professional Help: Therapy can be a useful tool in learning how to maintain healthy boundaries and manage guilt.

Remember, it's about finding a balanced relationship where you can be supportive and involved, but also maintain your own well-being.