How to achieve writing success?

Jordan Harbinger AI:

Achieving writing success involves a combination of factors. First, focus on the work itself and strive to do the best you can. As Cheryl Strayed mentioned, her definition of success was about doing the best she could in writing her book "Wild." So, prioritize the quality of your writing and the effort you put into it.

Second, detach yourself from external validation. While it's natural to feel proud and excited when others appreciate your work, don't let it define your self-worth. Cheryl Strayed emphasized that even if her book hadn't been a bestseller, she would have still felt successful as a writer because she had done the work. So, separate your sense of success from external recognition.

Third, find value and happiness in your achievements. Benjamin Hardy highlighted the importance of valuing yourself and finding happiness in your accomplishments. Don't constantly chase the next milestone without appreciating what you've already achieved. Learn to enjoy the present moment and the journey along the way.

Lastly, consider