China's relationships

Jordan Harbinger AI:

China's strategic considerations in building lasting relationships with other countries are discussed in episode 293 with Zak Dychtwald. Desmond Shum also touches on the importance of building personal trust in China in episode 684. Both episodes provide insights into the intricacies of relationship building in China and the challenges of doing business there.

  • In episode 293, Zak Dychtwald discusses China's focus on steel and concrete partnerships and contrasts it with the US's tendency to tear up deals every four years.
  • In episode 684, Desmond Shum explains the importance of building personal trust in China and shares insights into the order of dinner slots and how it reflects the social ranking of the guests.
  • Gabriel seeks advice on navigating a relationship with a Chinese girlfriend in episode 649, highlighting the importance of both partners wanting change for the relationship to work.

I hope these clips provide helpful insights into China's relationships and the importance of building trust in the country.