What is a sleep toolkit?

Andrew Huberman AI:

A sleep toolkit is a collection of strategies, behaviors, and supplements designed to help you get better sleep. It includes:

  1. Light and Dark: Managing the intensity and timing of light exposure can significantly impact your sleep quality. For instance, using minimal light if you wake up in the middle of the night can help you fall back asleep more easily.

  2. Temperature: Keeping your environment at a low temperature can facilitate better sleep.

  3. Food and Caffeine: Adjusting your eating schedule and avoiding caffeine in the second half of the day can help you get into a deeper state of rest.

  4. Exercise: Regular physical activity can contribute to better sleep.

  5. Supplements: Certain supplements, like magnesium 3 and 8, apigenin, and theanine, can aid in sleep. However, theanine should be avoided if you tend to have vivid dreams or sleepwalk.

  6. Digital Tools: These include non-sleep deep rest scripts and self-hypnosis tools that can enhance your ability to fall and stay asleep.

Remember, the goal is to develop a sleep toolkit that's ideal for your specific sleep needs.