Best exercises for Hypertrophy?

Andrew Huberman AI:

For hypertrophy, the best exercises are those that you can perform safely and with enough intensity to get close to failure without placing yourself in danger. This could include large compound free weight exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bent over barbell rows, as well as isolation exercises. Machines can also be very effective, especially for those early in their fitness journey or those having trouble targeting a muscle group with a bigger compound movement.

It's also important to have a combination of bilateral and unilateral training. Bilateral exercises are like squats, where you have both feet on the ground moving in sequence. Unilateral exercises could be something like a rear foot elevated split squat or a single leg curl, where the individual limb is moving one at a time.

Remember, consistency is going to outshine variation. You don't need to hit muscles with a different exercise every workout. Coming back to the same things has a benefit. And finally, don't forget to train your calves, unless you're a genetic freak with very large calves that don't require any training.