Published August 2018 on YouTube

090 | Vegan Path to FI

1. Seek Your Financial Independence

Join a community of like-minded people who are taking control of their lives and pursuing financial independence. Steven and his guest discuss the secrets to unlocking financial independence and early retirement on ChooseFI radio.

2. Veganism and Life Optimization

James and Steven share their radically different perspectives on veganism and how it can help optimize one's life. Incorporating even just one or two ideas from this episode can lead to instant benefits in health and wealth.

3. Bradley on Becoming Vegan

Steven shares how his chronic tendinitis led him to explore an anti-inflammatory diet, which eventually led him to become a vegan. He discusses his approach to optimizing his meals and lifestyle, and how his primary motivation for being vegan shifted from health to ethics over time.

4. Veganism Spectrum

Steven explains the different terms related to veganism and vegetarianism, including vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian, plant-based, and whole foods plant-based. He emphasizes that it's a spectrum and not to get too caught up in the specific terms.

5. James Wilson Is A Vegan

James, a bodybuilder from Alabama, shares how he transitioned from being a meat-lover to a vegan. He talks about his motivation behind the change and how it has impacted his fitness journey.

6. One Taco Changes My Life

James, a bodybuilder, shares how a single taco changed his life and led him to embrace a plant-based diet, cutting out meat products and animal products. He talks about his extreme commitment to things and how it helped him transition to a healthier lifestyle.

7. Plant-based vs. FI

Steven discusses the similarities between transitioning to a plant-based diet and achieving financial independence. While plant-based eating can save money, it also has benefits for overall life quality, which is just as important as financial independence.

8. Cost per gram of protein

Jonathan and Steven discuss the cost per gram of protein for various food sources, highlighting the affordability of plant-based sources like beans and rice compared to animal products like chicken and beef. They provide specific numbers to help listeners make informed decisions about their protein choices while keeping their budgets in mind.

9. Protein Intake

James explains that the average American should consume 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, which is much lower than what is commonly believed. The typical American diet, which consists of a large protein source and small sides, is not necessary and can be detrimental to one's health.

10. Plant-Based Protein

James shares high protein vegan sources, including hemp seeds, lentils, and various beans. Steven emphasizes that protein is a basic building block of life and can be found in almost all living things.

11. Plant-Based Insights

Plant-Based Diet:Steven shares his experience with a plant-based diet, including intermittent fasting and relearning how to cook. He emphasizes the importance of simple meals and drawing inspiration from Asian cultures.
Vegan Meal Strategy:Steven and Jonathan discuss the losing strategy of substituting meat with vegan alternatives and instead recommend completely changing how you eat by reworking your plate and incorporating flavorful, homogenized dishes. They also touch on the importance of creating new vegan recipes to imbue your meals with taste and flavor.

12. Vegan Diets: Best Meals

Vegan Meal Ideas:James shares his favorite vegan meal ideas, including a vegan pad Thai and Mediterranean dishes. He also discusses how ethnic foods lend themselves to vegan options and how intermittent fasting plays a role in his meal planning.
Veganism and Intermittent Fasting:James shares how he has grown to prefer vegan meals and how it has helped him feel more satisfied. He also discusses how he satisfies his hunger with trail mix while practicing intermittent fasting.

13. Vegetarian vs Ketogenic Diets

Steven explains the common thread between different diets and how a plant-based diet can be beneficial for health due to its high fiber and nutrient content. Cutting out processed foods and eating more vegetables are key to a healthy diet.

14. Vegetables in Your Diet

Steven shares his approach to vegetable shopping and meal planning. He emphasizes the importance of getting protein, berries, cruciferous vegetables, and dark leafy greens in your diet, and suggests buying frozen berries when they're not in season.

15. Flavorful Plant-Based Meals

James and Steven share their strategies for making plant-based meals flavorful and palatable, including using spices like Creole seasoning and cayenne pepper. Steven emphasizes the importance of spices in creating varied and interesting flavor profiles in meals from around the world. Brad is surprised to learn that plant-based meals can be varied and exciting, and wants to know more about the cost.

16. Optimizing for Cost vs. Health

Steven shares his approach to food cost optimization, prioritizing health and flavor over cost. He believes that his long-term approach will ultimately result in lower medical bills and a healthier lifestyle.

17. How to Spend Money on Food

Steven and James discuss their approaches to grocery shopping and intentional spending. Steven spends $500-$700 per month for his family of four while James and his wife spend $40 per week for themselves and their dog. They share their tips for efficient grocery shopping and finding a balance between intentional spending and enjoying flavorful meals.

18. The Diet That Cured My Hands

Steven shares how switching to a plant-based diet has improved his health and energy levels, emphasizing the importance of diet in controlling one's health span. While he doesn't view it as a miracle cure, he believes it's the number one factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

19. Vegan Strength

James shares his experience of gaining strength and losing weight after becoming vegan, proving that a plant-based diet can be conducive to an active and fit lifestyle.

20. Eat This Way For 10 Days

James shares how changing his diet has improved his overall health, including faster bike rides, less joint pain, and clearer skin.

21. Why Should People Be a Vegan?

Steven discusses the various reasons for choosing a vegan lifestyle, including the positive impact on the environment, animal welfare, and personal health. He encourages listeners to consider trying it out and notes the common response of "why didn't I do this sooner?"

22. How to Start Veganism or Vegetarianism (Week 1)

Steven recommends taking on at least a week-long challenge to immerse oneself in the vegan lifestyle. It's important to make major changes in the way one cooks, eats, and shops, and to get out of one's comfort zone to unlearn old habits. Resources for recipes are available in the show notes.

23. Choose FIAT: The Hot Seat

James and Steven share their favorite financial independence blogs, with James mentioning Mr. Money Mustache and Root of Good, and Steven praising Aptitude for its insightful writing and life-changing impact.

24. Favorite Article of All Time

Steven shares his favorite blog articles from Raptitude, highlighting the blog's quality content and rewarding careful reading. JD. Roth also praises the blog for its well-roundedness and lack of fluff.

25. Biking to Work Is Worth the Cost

James and Brad discuss the impact of commuting on their lives. James shares how reading an article about the true cost of commuting inspired him to start biking to work and make a positive impact on himself and the world around him. Brad also shares his recent experience of buying a bike and enjoying nightly family bike rides in his new community.

26. Fi Milestones

James shares his Fi story and how real estate is their main source of income towards achieving financial independence. They own nine rental units and plan to pull the trigger on Fi next year. Steven's favorite life hack is goal setting, which has revolutionized his life and made him a more streamlined person.

27. #4, Your Biggest Financial Mistake

Steven and James discuss their biggest financial mistakes, which include frequent moving and buying a big fancy condo for show-off purposes. They share their lessons learned and how they have applied them to their financial independence journey.

28. Question #5: What Advice Would You Give Your Younger Self?

James and Steven share their biggest financial mistakes and the advice they would give their younger selves. James talks about how he used to care about what others thought and bought fancy things to show off his wealth. He now drives an older car and lives in a smaller place but has much more money. Steven wishes he had found a growth mindset earlier on in life and spent more time on introspection and self-improvement.

29. Follow the Trail of Impact Theory

Steven shares his journey of self-improvement and suggests following the trail of resources that resonate with you. He recommends starting with Impact Theory and exploring the reading list and guests. By casually reading or watching videos, one can find life-changing resources that can have a significant impact.

30. The Best Purchase of All Time

James shares his best purchase of the year, a mini bike pump with a puncture kit, that has saved him and his wife from being stranded miles away from home. The hosts discuss the importance of being intentional with purchases and finding value in the things you buy.

31. Best Purchases

Steven, James, and Jonathan discuss the best purchases they've made in the past year and five years. Steven recommends the aeropress for making coffee, while Jonathan and James agree that coffee is a rabbit hole. Steven also shares that the fifth edition Dungeons and Dragons Players Handbook has brought him the most value in the past five years.

32. Choose Fi

Steven and James share their experience with veganism and how it relates to the Fi community. They encourage listeners to try it out and find what works for them, emphasizing the benefits it can bring to one's life. They also provide resources for those interested in learning more.

33. A Taste of the Indian Diet

Brad was initially unsure about the point of the episode, but was convinced by the guests' compelling case for the benefits of a plant-based diet. He plans to try it out for a few days and see what health benefits he can gain.

34. Support and Spread

Jonathan reminds listeners to subscribe and support the show in four easy ways. He encourages them to share the podcast with friends and family, starting with episodes 38 and 21. The goal is to spread the message of ChooseFI and help middle-class America build wealth one life hack at a time.